Pen Names I almost chose

Gerard Fair Wilmott(name mixed around

Arthur Verocai (song guy)

Pierino Roland Como(Perry Como’s real name )

Lee Streeter (Bobbie gentry’s real name)

David Grisman (singer mandolin)

Farouk Bulsara (Freddie Mercury’s real name)

Hardaway Judkins (Stevie wonder’s real name)

Demetre Georgio (Yusuf Cat Stevens’ real name)

Venus King (sounds cool)

Ridarella (giggles in italian)

Fannullone (lazy bones Italian)

Postcard to Marvin (cool sounding)

Ahmad Jamal (piano player)

Stephen lee Bruner(Thundercat)

Dumb unfinished collage


These are the things my heart wants:


A beautiful piano ballad

To learn and keep learning


To feel like I am enough

To be a song that makes everyone dance without thinking about what they look like

Honestly I think my heart just wants me to thrive and be somebody great.

Some heart rocks

The constellation behind the Sun

I told you I thought the zodiac you believe in is dumb and the dates are wrong

You told me I couldn’t be a Virgo because they cry at night, are sensitive, too critical, and you laughed when you said it.

Even though I still think the idea of the zodiac guiding our lives is dumb, I still cried for an hour last night because I am too sensitive, and I don’t like hanging out with people because I’m too critical of everyone.

Does that mean you don’t know me as well as you thought you did, but the stars knew better all along?

Thankful for Nelson’s class(a list of some things that make life better)

I’m thankful that Nelson Tweets daily/I’m thankful for my mom/dad/sister/3brothers/ I’m thankful for my two cute dogs and my two cute frogs/ I’m thankful for all the cool stuff I’ve been hoarding for years/ I’m thankful for those two people that helped me clean my room/ I’m thankful for hickies/ I’m thankful for my extended family/ I’m thankful for christmas lists/ thankful for you/I’m thankful for Stevie Wonder, Vulfpeck, Chet Baker, Jacob Collier, and Herbie Hancock/ I’m thankful the teachers that don’t give up on bad students/thankful for a heater/thankful for music to take place of silence/ thankful for poems/thankful for using “your” instead of “you’re”/ thankful for the good/bad/the soso/ thankful for my Pen Name/thankful I get to be myself/thankful for Safari/ thankful for Thanksgiving/thankful for coworkers that don’t complain like me/thankful there will always be good people on the planet/thankful for jazz/funk/thankful for my teachers/thankful for instruments because we all get to try to make something amazing/thankful for this post because it’s made me more aware of the things in life that make me content